Customisable CRM,
no coding needed!

Since money fuels a business, we’ll help you keep it coming.

Customizations & Flexibility

Customize the information you want to see inside CRM with custom modules, fields, and buttons and make CRM works the way you do.

With custom views, filters, and fields, decide how much data you want to see at any given time.

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Manual tasks operated in siloes are now powered by automation with Free Life CRM

Automation & Workflow Rules

CRM's advanced automation capabilities save your team time by automatically completing routine tasks.
Perform multiple tasks with one workflow rule: Send an email, update required fields, and schedule follow-up tasks.

Automate almost anything in clicks:

  • Alerts / reminders to sales people
  • Reminders / mails to clients
  • Alerts / notifications to managers
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Email Integration

Turn your emails into tasks, calendar events or discussions with a click and you’ll save time and improve sales productivity

  • 2-Way Email Sync
  • Email Templates
  • Email Tracking
  • Remind if no reply

Quotations & Invoices

Create and send a personalised quote or estimate on the spot. When you need to bill a customer, simply create an invoice from the quote and save time and avoid data entry errors.

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Business Intelligence

Use reporting to compare individual results and identify opportunities for improvement, mastering statistics and measure the performance of every sales activity.


Integrate with more than 100 different applications such as MiniMax, E-računi, Pantheon, Vasco, QuickBooks, Woocommerce, DataStudio, Standard ERP.

Best Perfomance FreeLife CRM
is cloud connected


You can sort deals won and lost, appointments scheduled, and quotations sent over any time period, and track performance against targets you set.

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Edit Fields Like
An Excel

Double click to make changes. Save all changes with one click or Enter

Create records instantly

Send email, or add records such as Notes, Tasks, Quotations,...

Cloud Based

Let our team take care of all hosting services so you can focus on increasing sales, improving marketing, and growing your business.

White Labeled Solution

Build your own application using our advanced tool for creating modules, registers, reports... without a single line of code and sell them under your own brand.


We easily integrated FreeLife CRM with our ERP system, greatly speeding up our business process and reducing human error.
FreeLife's CRM flexibility allowed us to build our own B2B platform. Now our customers place orders themselves allowing us to focus on lead generation.
All this was done without programming or additional cost for customisations. It was like playing with LEGO :)

Martins Gulbis

Head of Business Development -

We needed to improve customer / partner relationships and to optimize our business processes.
FreeLife CRM reduced our workload, enabled a huge amount of automation and increased efficiently in our sales process.
Efficiency is supported by smart automated notification processes and automated task creation for all departments. Integration with our ERP system, provided us a comprehensive insight into all business events with contacts.

Gregor Mežan


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