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3 users
Customize application
Companies & Contacts
Task management
Leads management
Products & Product groups
Dashboard (Business Intelligence)
Website integration (Webforms)
Templates (PDF, Email)
Countries & Currencies
VAT/Tax & VAT Zones
Change App interface color
Webmail (2-way sync with Gmail, Outlook and SMTP)
Premium Modules
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* 30-day free trial
€25 / month
Sales & Purchase Module
Track, organize, analyze and prioritise sales and purchase transactions all at the same time. Create and send quotations or invoices straight from the application via integrated email. Using Automation feature you can automatically create and sent invoice to customer after quotation is confirmed. Track your payments and sent customers/account managers automatic reminders for overdue invoices.
Sales Invoices & Credit notes
Purchase invoices
€25 / month
Stock Module
Stock management helps you managing the goods your business plans to sell. It allows you to do acquiring, storing, organising and tracking those goods.
Sales & Purchase orders
Goods receipts
Stock movements
Stock depreciation
Serial/Batch number tracking
Returned goods
Stock appreciation
Expired date tracking
€25 / month
Installation & Maintenance Module
Service and Work order management is the lifeblood of many industries that provide service and maintenance, because it provides an efficient tool to organise service and what needs to be done, by when and for how much.
Service orders
Warranty periods
Work orders
Serial/Batch number tracking
€25 / month
Project Management Module
It helps you to accumulate information about the time worked and the materials or services provided for a certain project, task, assignment, client or job.
Personnel payments
Time sheets
Premium Features
* Price is for all users
* 30-day free trial
€30 / month
Every modern organization, like yours, must automate the boring recurring tasks and focus on productive things. Using Automation tool in FreeLife CRM you can automate almost anything in just a few clicks, without any programming.
€10 / month
Custom forms/tables
(Price is for every new form/table created with customizer tool)
Customize application as you want it, without cost of development or implementation. Add new fields, rename existing field, add new tables,.. Your custom fields become available in Forms, Tables, Filters, Reports, Permissions ... everywhere.
€20 / month
Integrate with more than 100 different applications such accounting softwares, ERP softwares, MailChimp, Google Maps, You can easily map custom fields with 3rd party application without need for development or implementation
€10 / month
XML Builder & Exports
XML Builder allows you to build custom xml structure which you can use to generate xml document and use it as an import into other application. For example you can export invoices and import them into accounting software