What do you want to automate?

Automate the boring. Do the productive. Possibilities are unlimited.

Create your own automation that takes daily, repetitive tasks off your shoulders so your team can reach the next level of productivity.

Reminders to clients

Follow up before Quote expires.
Send periodic reminders till invoice is not paid.
Send automatic mail if verification process not complete.

Nurturing leads

  • Send birthday emails
  • Send sequence of emails
  • Send mails to clients that stopped giving work

Automate alerts

  • Alert sales person if a deal is not progressing.
  • Remind sales person if no conversation with a hot lead for many days.
  • Congratulate sales person on winning a big deal.

Notifications & alerts

  • Send alert if Quote Product discount exceeds 40%
  • Alert manager if a sales person doesn’t win enough deals in a month
  • Inform manager if a big deal if closed.

Minimize data entry

  • Transfer records from one sales person to another
  • Update customer status when Deal is won
  • Automatically create Deal when Company is created

Create your own business rules

Notify if discount more than X%

Don't allow if more than Y%

Check & disallow duplicates

Assign sales person based on location / industry

Automatically create tasks

  • Create followup tasks for contacts that have lost touch.
  • Create a sequence of tasks for sales person when a deal is won.
  • Create followup task for sales person if Quote about to expire.

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